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What is the most annoying thing non-RCers say when you are flying or working on you model?

Posted by Joshua Brunais on March 1, 2010 at 10:26 PM

here are some of my favorites:



spectator:"How much did it cost?"


spectator:"Your crazy!"

Me:"No, actually I got it on Ebay for half off."



"Does it fly?" (Really! I've been asked that!)


Them: "Hey, you gonna fly that?"

Me: "No, I'm going to plant it in the ground, water it and see if it grows into a full scale"



" I used to watch these things fly back when they flew at blah blah blah..."

(continues for 22 minutes description of his observations on RC, fishing, law enforcement, local politics and his sister-in-law's kidney operation, and then...) "...and I was always gonna build one and fly it. Maybe I'll do that next week, I havealittletimeandmaybeyoucouldhelpmewithit.."

At which point I say, 'scuse me. I have to go fly now, and you can't be on that side of the fence.



"I would be too afraid of crashing to ever try that" - Who hasn't?


"Can you fly that on you're street?" (60 size plane) - Not likely, then it WOULD be too expensive!


"Thats a neat toy, where can I get one?" -


"My uncle/mother/father/brother/sister/friend/etc has one of those.... " - Thats nice,

where's yours?


"Try taking a mouse/gerbil/bug/goldfish/etc for a ride...." - uh.... no.


"Can I fly your plane? Come on, let me fly it!" - Come out every weekend for several months and learn on a buddy box, then maybe.


"I don't want to spend a fortune buying a plane. Can I learn on YOURS?"



and my favorite:



'Can I have a go?'

Then I say

NO you can not have you go, you could not handle the super ion excelerattor coupled with the high powered ultra torque control that lets me release power to the armature of the motor inside the can.

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